The Biosphere 2 Experiment

On this day in 1991 eight people entered the Biosphere 2 and would remain inside for two years. The system was designed to be a self sufficient replica of the Earth itself and had an artificial rain forest, ocean with coral reef, mangrove wetlands, savannah, fog desert, agricultural system, and human habitat. Testing did not go well and many issues arose including inadequate food and oxygen, die offs of animals and plants, and squabbling among the participants.

The University of Arizona now owns the structure and it continues to be used for research despite its past failures. Testing of such enclosed systems could be useful in learning how humans could live on other planets and recreate an earth-like environment for habitation, as well as testing how different factors may effect earth’s ecosystems without harming the systems themselves.

Would you consider living in a biosphere for an extended period of time?

The Biosphere 2
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