Science Quote – Galileo on Improbable Facts and Simple Beauty

Many people find the realities that science reveals improbable. They believe that the big bang, evolution, climate change, or other events sound too far fetched to be true.

But what about water? We are used to seeing water change from liquid to ice or to steam, and yet this would seem like magic if we had never witnessed it before. The explanation can be reduced to the simple understanding that water is made of molecules, and that energy can break the connections between the molecules, causing them to spread farther apart.

Similarly, it is not difficult to understand that the many successive layers of rock laid down on earth show that it is very old. Or that animals pass down traits to their offspring, and those that inherit better traits for survival will have more offspring of their own compared to their peers. Put a few such simple facts together, and evolution no longer seems so improbable.

Science is not just a jumble of confusing mathematics and terminology. It is not beyond the grasp of the average person’s understanding. Although at its deeper levels it can be bewildering, it is also capable of providing beautifully simple explanations for the mysteries of the world, something that Galileo realized hundreds of years ago.

Galileo Quote

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