Science News of the Week – December 4th, 2015

Let’s take a look at some of the important developments in science this week…

First, astronomers have made a breakthrough in the study of black holes. For the first time magnetic fields from just outside the event horizon (point of no return) of the super-massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy have been detected. The fields were predicted to exist but up until now had not been observed. Read more from here.

Second, a new study on migratory birds has found that only about 9% of migrating species are properly protected throughout their range, versus about 50% of non-migratory birds. This reflects the conservation challenges of protecting migrating birds, many of which are experiencing significant population declines. Read more from Audubon Magazine here.

Third, Mt. Etna, a volcano in Italy, has been erupting over the last few weeks, at one point ejecting lava 1 KM into the sky and producing a plume visible by weather satellites. Read more from Wired here.

Those are just a few of the exciting things going on in the world of science this week. Have you heard about any other interesting science news lately? Leave a comment and let us know!

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