Design Release – “The Smell of Formaldehyde”

Most of us have our first experience with dissection in a high school biology class. Whether it’s an earth worm, a frog, or a pig, each of the pickled creatures they place in front of you has a distinctive and stomach churning odor. If you move on to college and take a zoology or anatomy class it gets worse. You might have to dissect a shark, a cat, or even another human being! Walking into the biology building in the morning and being hit by the smell of formaldehyde can definitely put you off your breakfast. On the other hand, you might enjoy dissection, or at least find it interesting, and hey, maybe eventually the smell will grow on you too? Introducing our newest design, created with photos of my very own dissecting kit, which was used to cut up quite a few unfortunate creatures. Available now in our online store!

Smell of Formaldehyde

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