Ten Awesome Science Shirts

Hi everyone, Ash here AKA “The Punk Scientist”. I founded Punk Rock Scientist because I love science related designs. My closet is full of science shirts, and I’d like to show you some examples of the kind of awesome shirts I like from other brands. As far as I’m concerned, the more people out there promoting science the better! So let’s get started (click the name of each tee to open its site in a new tab).

1. Vintage Animal Tree Of Life from Babbletees


2. Isaac Newton Science Rocks from Teepublic

isaac newton science rocks

3. Mother Brain from Babbletees


4. Albert Einstein Smoking the Universe from Einstein


5. Evolution Guitar Player from Axel_67


6. Vintage Haeckel Arachnids from Babbletees


7. Milky Way You Are Here from Unicorn Tees


8. Circuit Board from Babbletees


9. Listen to Carl Sagan from Wrongtees


10. DNA Checks Itself Before it Wrecks Itself from Living Dope


I hope you found some shirts you like in this list! For more science tees check out our online store, and follow us on social media for updates, giveaways, and cool science stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Ten Awesome Science Shirts

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